Better a free bird than a king in captivity ~Norwegian proverb


Oslo waterfront

Norway played fast and loose with my wallet, my emotions and my slumbers. From Oslo to the northern fjords to the old city of Bergen, Norway was beautiful and homely, warmhearted and yet inconsiderate at times, and more expensive than we had even planned on. The midsummer days were long and the nights barely existed, giving everyone in the country energy to burn. We traveled by plane, train, bus, tram and ship and found intriguing contrasts wherever we went.

Dispatches from Norway

click to read Oslo: the New Big Smoke

In Oslo during midsummer’s midnight sun, it seemed the locals go for the gusto, spending all of their time outdoors smoking cigarettes.


Where will SJOD go next? Meme

Another tale of Norway? You betcha… so stay tuned.

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