Instruct a man, you instruct an individual. Instruct a woman, you instruct a nation ~Moroccan proverb

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Morocco is a place of contradictions that will make you dizzy in the best ways. Journey from snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas mountain range to sun-bleached seaport towns. Ancient walled medinas thronged with traders plying wares along winding alleys and resonating with the muezzin’s call to prayer, situated opposite the modern grid of  contemporary neighborhoods. The quiet of a café punctuated by the clack of stones played in a game of backgammon.  The astonishing greenery at a spring-fed oasis a short distance from the dunes that signal the edge of the Sahara. Berbers and Arabs pass Europeans, and travelers from across the globe weave their way among them. And food! Aromas from some of the world’s best street foods lead you toward the smoldering braziers at lunchtime, sharing a lane with charming and elegant restaurants to seek out for dinner.
We arrived in Tangier by ferry with our Volkswagen camper van, and spent 3 months traveling wherever our meandering trail took us. Beguiling and frustrating, sometimes in equal measures, Morocco remains a highlight of our travels.

Dispatches from Morocco

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