May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a smooth road all the way to your door

Mizenhead, IrelandIt seems a toast and a blessing are interchangeable in Ireland, serving double duty. I’ve traveled Ireland twice. The first time with my husband for a few months in a Volkswagen camper van, which broken down so often that we knew mechanics all over the country by their first names. My second trip was a solo journey. I rented a car and lodged in local homes along my route. On both trips I felt that my heart had found a missing piece there among the beauty of this place and friendship of it’s people, and I also left a bit of myself there when I departed.

Dispatches from Ireland

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On the eve of departure, I create my mantra for air travel and anticipate seeing Ireland again.


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Solo travel and the need to take a break from the road now and then. Reminiscing in Clonakilty.


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Keeping the pounds off while traveling is tough going. Weighing in on weight.


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 After weeks in Irish villages and the countryside, I enter the alternate universe that is Dublin.


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In which I lose my map in the toilet and Dublin shows its best side. 


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Planning an Irish road trip. Bring toilet paper and drive on the left. The LEFT!


click to read about an Irish whiskey tasting experience

Becoming an official Whiskey Taster takes dedication and passion. Plus you bring back a nifty certificate.


click to read about Irish radio & the ways travel changes us

An Irish talk radio show gets me thinking about the ways the travel changes us.


click to read about the friends we make on our journeys

The sweet and the bitter of making friends along your route and leaving others behind.


Where will SJOD go next? Meme

What new Irish travel story will be here soon? Check back!

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