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Steal Just One Day has been nominated for the Liebster Award!liebster

Right. The Liebster Award was a mystery to me, too. So when Tess, from Whisperings of the Mind nominated me, I got right on it. Being a master detective/nosy parker, I went sloothing. I sloothed. Well, I googled, which is like sloothing for lazy people. Here’s what I discovered:

The Liebster Award is given to writers and blog-folk by other writers and blog-folk as a way to tip one’s hat to the person sitting at their keyboard somewhere in the world, trying to use their words. I don’t really consider myself a ‘blogger’, but a writer who uses my site’s platform to share some of what I write, in the free-for-all that is cyberspace. Still, I’m splitting hairs here, because I appreciate the spirit that is behind the award.

What I like about the idea of the Liebster is that it celebrates the community of us online in a way that is personal. It promotes connection, and those bonds of community are an important aspect of my writing and travels. Through a paying-it-forward style of nominating, the award also helps to introduce writers and blogs to a wider audience, which leads me to the Liebster Award Rules (I discovered that the rules vary slightly, but these are the ones passed on to me):

  • Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.

  • Acknowledge and link back to the person who nominated me.

  • Answer 11 questions the person who nominated me has asked

  • Tell you 11 random facts about myself

  • Give my nominees 11 questions to answer on their blog or site when they post about the Liebster Award.

11 things about me that you might not know or wish you didn’t:

  1. I love both red wine and oatmeal. Not usually at the same meal.

  2. I am an unapologetic curser.

  3. Being free to choose a life of traveling pretty much anywhere or anytime I choose delights me to an insane degree. I feel fortunate to live in an era when that possibility is open to

  4. I ran away to sea when I was 29 years old. (see #3)

  5. I am self-deprecating. My grandmother taught me early on in life: Laugh at yourself first. Beat others to it.

  6. I love reading a newspaper. I used to wake up at dawn to get the freshly delivered paper off of the front steps so I could read it before my dad was awake. Now I can sleep as long as I want and read the newspaper before anyone else, but I still get up at dawn.

  7. While I appreciate the style and engineering of a super-fine automobile, I could not care less about owning a cool car. I just want it to get me where I want to go.

  8. I love being around people. Especially smart people. Funny, authentic, smart people. Then I need to go somewhere and be alone to recharge.

  9. Sometimes I accept invitations and then secretly hope the shindig will get canceled.

  10. I have been a meditator for 16 years.

  11. I donated 1200+ books to a local library in North Carolina.

©BGabriel, 20o2

Caucasus mountains.

Here are the questions Tess asked of me:

  1. What did you want to be when you were a child?

An Anthropologist and a Veterinarian.

  1. What makes your heart and soul sing?

Planning a journey, setting out before sunrise and that first breath of air in a new place. It smells of possibility.

  1. What is your favorite topic to write/blog about?

Traveling. People. People I meet while traveling. Oh, and food that I have eaten while traveling.

  1. If you could do one thing every day until the day you died what would it be?cappuccino = travel in a cup

Wake up next to my husband, drink a cup of cappuccino, and decide where to go and what to do that day, together. After 20 years of working, traveling, and living side-by-side 24 hours a day,  we are separated geographically much of the time now for work reasons. This too, shall pass.

  1. What is your biggest fear?

Being forced to go to a nightclub where club music is playing. Also, of fire. If the two of those ever combined into a single event? That’s the stuff of my nightmares.

Then there is the fear of failure to live up to my own expectations.

6) How do you overcome fear?

By being honest with myself and making a commitment. (And by avoiding nightclubs unless I hear the Blues leaking out of the building’s seams.)

7) What does creativity mean to you?

I feel most creative when my mind is engaged in equal measures with my hands and spirit to bring something of value into being. That might be a piece of writing that inspires a reader to act, a photograph with a stunning aspect of light, a bowl of lip-smacking lamb stew, or the perfect cappuccino.

8) What does home mean to you?

Home is wherever I am, particularly when I am traveling or living somewhere with my husband, who is, hands-down, the best travel companion I have ever met.

9) If you had to pick one word to describe how you intend to be in 2015 what would it be?

Only one? Authentic.

10) If you could travel somewhere tomorrow where would it be, and why?

Cuba. Because I haven’t been there yet. Because…why not?

11) What is your secret talent?

Possessing the ability to adapt and feel at home when I am traveling. I carry my home in my heart (and my pack).

11 Question for the folks I’ve nominated:

  1. If you could play hooky for a day, what would you do?

  2. “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” or “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”?

  3. Do you prefer international travel or to explore closer to home? Why?

  4. What’s your go-to comfort food?

  5. Dinner companion: Abraham Lincoln or Betty White?

  6. If you left home for a year or more, what would be in your suitcase?

  7. Give us a link to the best or the favorite of your own posts. What made you write that one?

  8. How do describe yourself? Use just three words.

  9. How do others see you? Three words.

  10. What word do you dislike?

  11. What interesting thing will you choose to do this week?

The nominees I chose are:

Stephanie @

Cath @

60 While 60@

Naomi @

Murtaugh @

Angela @

JG @

Molly @

Anne @


Kent & Jen @

Congratulations to the folks nominated, and I hope the recognition will help readers find you in the free-for-all.

Barbara Gabriel

Writer. Day Stealer. Chronic Traveler. Raised along Highway 61 in Minnesota, I ran away to sea & messed about in boats. I curse like a sailor and love travel, food, most people, and a well-fitting pair of boots. I try to combine those any chance I can.


  1. Nice work Barbara! Congratulations on being nominated for the Liebsters Award! Well deserved.

    I love reading your blog. It is creative, witty, funny and really show your true personality and character.

    I apologize for not having deep thoughts right now, as I am under the weather. But, you brightened my day! 🙂

  2. Hi Barbara – have nominated you for this award! Btw you were already on my list! Good Luck xx

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  6. What a great idea…. Keep up the great writing love… PDX missed you

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