WWTD: What Would a Traveler Do?

If you need a reason to get off the sofa and go someplace, you have come to the right page. Find the inspiration you need to dust off your pack or buy a new one. Book a flight or a get a rail pass. Go around the world or across town. Steal Just One Day or put together a string of days and go.



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Home is wherever you are in the world, particularly if you’re someone who loves (or lives) to travel. I’ll add some T.S. Elliot:

Home is where one starts from.





©BGabriel, 2015 stealjustoneday.com

I rarely travel first class (only accidentally, really) but travel is still worth it, because it’s more than a hobby to me, it’s life.







travel quote1- Dalai Lama-used

The Dalai Lama knows his way around the world. Take some advice from him.







travel quote 2- Paul Coelho-used

Travel will test you, stretch your body, open your mind. Once you pack, will you ever go back?






travel quote 3- it's on my list

I never make a bucket list. My list rhymes with ‘bucket’ and I don’t count countries or cross places off it, I’m busy learning and meeting new people.





travel quote 4- Seneca

If you think you know it all, go somewhere you’ve never been. Mind = opened.