side tracks: life outside travel

If you’re happy and you know it…     children’s song

I am a traveler and I am a writer. It says so on my business cards. But a quick read of my bio (and reading between the lines of my resumé) will tell you that I’ve also done a lot of other things. Like most people, the life I have lived can’t simply be defined by a label or two. I contain multitudes, as Walt Whitman wrote.

This is where Side Tracks: Life outside Travel comes in. Because, while traveling the world has been the defining story of my life, it’s not the only story. Sometimes I write about topics that don’t fit into a travel category and this is where you’ll find those other pieces. 

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From time to time, I take Side Tracks. I have other interests and experiences apart from life lived when traveling, so I write about those. Stuff like friends, family, and food, plus wine, whiskey and vodka. Those things seem to go together like Christmas and Lemon-Vodka slushies. (You can read about that luscious elixir by clicking the post below.) Occasionally, I write about simplifying and decluttering my life and my mind; about cursing, avoiding prison, and efforts to be a better version of myself; about volunteering, community, and the universal lessons we all learn. Sometimes I even write about writing.

side tracks: life outside travel 

click to read Observing a writer at work: BYOB

In which I offer my services as mentor to kids for a day. Except observing a writer at work for a day is like watching an unending film reel of grass growing, if grass procrastinated and felt like a failure. BYOB.


click to read How I Almost Became a Professional Wrestler

Give a kid a new experience. Every one opens a door into a world previously unknown. Each curtain they peek behind shows them what they might aspire to be some day: a magician, a wrestler, an archaeologist.


click to read Lessons Learned: Not My Grandmother's First Rodeo

A grandmother screws lag bolts into solid mahogany and teaches a 5 year old a few life lessons in the process. This was not my grandmother’s first rodeo.


click to read Big Fat Problems

My dog complains about the government, by which she means me. We all have Big Fat Problems.


Click to read about the Liebster awardThe Liebster Award is given to writers and blog-folk by other writers and blog-folk as a way to tip one’s hat to the person sitting at their keyboard somewhere in the world, trying to use their words.


click to read about resolutions and why Prison Is Not The Life For Me

In which resolutions are made and I attempt to stay out of prison.


click to read about family Christmas in If That's a Lemon-Vodka Slushy...

Christmas and Lemon-Vodka slushies go together like sugar cookies and a Mexican buffet. Right?


click to read about sharks & curiosity, kids & the Caribbean

A week spent with Simon helps me remember that having an abundance of curiosity is vital for a life lived to the fullest.


click to read The Tribe Encounters a Beast

Stealing a day from myself to have lunch with some old friends reminds me who the members of my tribe are.


click to read Bicycling Burglar Seeks Stuff

A burglar rides the neighborhood on his bicycle while I’m busy giving away our stuff. Oh, the irony.