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About a month after September 11, 2001 my husband and I were in a boatyard in the Caribbean getting our sailboat ready for sale when we got a phone call from a friend. “How would you like to come to Turkey?” It was a job offer. In the Middle East. That was clearly crazy.

I set the phone down and walked out to the balcony to shout down to Brian: “Is there any reason we can’t go to Istanbul and work on a motor yacht?” Answer: We couldn’t think of a single reason not to. I went back inside, picked up the phone and said “Sure! When?”

A couple of months later another phone rang, aboard that boat in Istanbul: Bahar, a new Turkish friend, said “We are going to steal a day from fate and we are inviting you to join us.” Well, how many times in your life are you going to hear that?

To steal a day from fate is a more philosophical version of playing hooky. To get away from your everyday and spend at least one day doing something else. Something you love. Hopefully with someone you love. But more than that, it is about a deliberate choice to step outside your life, your boundaries, and see how things look from another angle. Stealing a day from fate is like having permission to go a little crazy, to sing a bit too loud, and dance in the street. Permission to eat street foods with your fingers, to pack a bag and put on those boots you keep in the back of your closet, because you never know where they might take you. For me, it was like putting a name on a ideology I had been stumbling toward since birth. Like finally finding my people: Travelers, boot-wearing, boundary-flouting, Day-Stealers. I said “Sure. When?”

Steal Just One Day is about the journey we each take. It’s about taking those boots of yours and stepping outside ordinary. About figuring out what drives people up one day and down the next, and looking at things from a different angle. It’s about travel too, because any sort of journey makes my heart beat, plus St. Nancy told me these boots are made for walking. Through essays, photos, poetry and probably some cursing- because even though I currently live on land, I will always be a sailor at heart- Steal Just One Day will explore life from the kitchen table to Kathmandu. I hope you decide to come along and steal a day or two alongside me. Have a look around this site, read the blog posts chronologically or choose a category, like travel or life lived. Let me know what interests you, the ways you step outside your boundaries and what is your version of stealing a day from fate.

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